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You were preforming at Time Square today, and you were beyond nervous. One of the kind stage managers came up and put a hand on your shoulder, “Don’t worry, you are going to be amazing, just take some deep breaths, you have five minutes before you have to be out there.” You offered you best smile and the stage manager walked away. You took her advice, and began taking deep breaths, calming your nerves. When you were finished, there was a new confidence within you. You walked to the stage entrance and waited for when it was your time to go on, you could hear people talking and starting to gather around, wondering what was going on. The same stage manager that had given you advice now motioned for you to take center stage, you smiled at her and walked out, not focusing on how many people had their eyes on you. You took the mic in your hands and began to sing. You noticed a ginger haired man staring up at you in awe, you smiled down at him and decided that you wanted to be friends with him, before starting the next song you whispered to a security guard to bring the mysterious ginger backstage. He waited there, the same look on his face as he watched you sing. In the end, you were glad to befriend the ginger, you two ended up being very close. 

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